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Metasploit: Does Metasploit Community share the database with Metasploit Framework? [ckirsch]

Posted by Edward Sheehy 9 months ago

Metasploit Community Edition shares the database with the stable trunk of the Metasploit Framework installed on the same machine. If you, for example, create a new session with Metasploit Community Edition, it will also be visible in the stable trunk of Metasploit Framework. However, the development trunk of Metasploit Framework uses a different database.

If you're used to working with the Metasploit Framework, then you may benefit from the data management that Metasploit Community offers. You can work with Metasploit Community Edition to discover the network and import scan data, switch to Metasploit Framework to do exploitation, and keep an overview of your sessions in Metasploit Community. You don't have to choose one edition over another - just use them as two sides of the same tool.

The same is also true for Metasploit Express and Pro, which share the database with the stable trunk of Metasploit Framework.

To access a console that uses the stable trunk, launch the 'Metasploit Console' link in Windows or the /opt/metasploit-4.1.3/msfpro executable on Linux.

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