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AD connection, "Last scan date" in DAG and no devices returned

Hi, got an issue with a DAG outcome. I have a site_A populated by AD connection with devices. Works well - it populates the site_A with names and OS, but not with IP addresses of the devices. Understood, need to do discovery to get IPs. I have no scans scheduled for site_A as it only serves as the AD connection population target. Than I have a DAG which filters the devices from site_A based on this filter: Site name - is - "site_A" Last scan date - earlier than - 1 day (1 day is for testing only, in production I will have 30 or so) The problem is that if site_A has just been populated with fresh new devices from AD connection the DAG won't return any devices regardless of the "last scan date" filter condition setting - I've tried both complementary options: (Last scan date - earlier than - 1 day) and (Last scan date - within the last - 1 day). DAG just don't show any devices from site_A. When I delete the second condition with "last scan date" and keep only the "site name..."condition the DAG correctly returns all the devices in site_A. I have also waited one, two and three days to check if days play any role in the DAG generating - but they obviously don't as I have been getting the same results each day. Am I doing anything wrong? Can anyone help? My aim is to scan the devices from site_A by small portions every day - so I thought I would manually run a scan for a small portion of devices each day until all of them are scanned and then let a site based on the DAG to be scanned every day on schedule. With the condition "Last scan date - earlier than - 30 days ago" in the DAG the daily scans will do only a small portion of devices which have not been scanned within last 30 days forever. Any better idea how to achieve that is also welcome. Thanks.

Posted by Jiri Dohnal about a year ago


activation failed cannot activate at this time

I am trying to active a new install of the virtual appliance. I keep getting 'activation failed cannot activate at this time'. I ran rebooted, and ran the diagnostics: Category Description Status Result Database Diagnostics Deleted Sites Consistency Success There are no partially deleted sites. Database Diagnostics Node Synopsis Consistency Success All nodes have synopsis data. Database Diagnostics Scan Synopsis Consistency Success All scans have synopsis data. Database Diagnostics Asset Synopsis Consistency Success All assets have synopsis data. Database Diagnostics Site Synopsis Consistency Success All site synopsis tables appear consistent. Database Diagnostics Asset Group Synopsis Consistency Success All asset groups have synopsis data. Database Diagnostics Scan Status Consistency Success All scan statuses appear consistent. Database Diagnostics Policy Synopsis Consistency Success The policy synopsis table appears to be consistent. Database Diagnostics Asset Policy Rule Synopsis Consistency Success All asset and policy rules have synopsis data. Database Diagnostics Asset Policy Synopsis Consistency Success All asset and policies have synopsis data. OS Diagnostics Supported OS Success System is running on a supported OS: Ubuntu Linux 16.04 OS Diagnostics Memory requirements Success Total OS memory: 7983MB JVM maximum memory: 5971MB. Used Memory: 2946MB OS Diagnostics Disk space requirements Success System meets minimum disk space requirements: 74928MB free. General Diagnostics VM Version Success VMSC Name: CN=Rapid7 Security Console, O=Rapid7 Last update: 117483016 (2018-03-14) VM version: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 25.102-b14 (Linux amd64) OS version: Ubuntu Linux 16.04 General Diagnostics VM Scan Engine Version Success Local scan engine Status: Active OS version: Ubuntu Linux 16.04 Last Update: 117483016 (2018-03-14) Rapid7 Hosted Scan Engine Status: Unknown Network Diagnostics Host-based firewalls disabled Success Network Diagnostics Gateway Ping Success Gateway ping via ICMP ECHO () : ALIVE Gateway ping via TCP on port 21, 23 and 80 () : ALIVE Network Diagnostics DNS Name Resolution Success Successfully resolved '' to

Posted by Michael Marohn about a year ago