Knowledge Base

Report Templates

Nexpose supports several flexible and configurable methods for generating reports.

SQL Query Export

See Community-built SQL Query Export examples for guidelines, best practices, and video material on building your own SQL queries. The subpages contained therein hold several example queries that you can use to demonstrate these capabilities.

For more information on SQL Query Export, see our blog post.

Data Warehouse Export

You can ETL Nexpose data to an external warehouse in a Dimensional Model using Enterprise Edition 6.4.6 or later.

Documentation for the Data Warehouse Export Dimensional Schema is located here.

TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio compatible report templates are available in the open-source repository Nexpose Warehouse Jasper Templates. Contributions are encouraged.

Custom Report Templates


The custom report templates previously listed here are out of date and are no longer supported by the current product version.

See Report templates and sections on our product Help pages to browse supported report templates and their characteristics.