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Schedule a Meeting with Our Support Team

What Is the Scheduling Tool?

The Scheduler in the Customer Portal gives you the ability to schedule a time to meet with a Rapid7 Support Engineer. This reduces the amount of time spent on coordinating schedules between you and Rapid7. We want to help you focus on case resolution instead.

You can request your Support Engineer's availability after you create a case and during the case lifecycle.

Before you schedule a meeting, you will need to provide some context for the issue you are experiencing. This provides our team with the context needed to make progress on this issue more quickly.

Request a Meeting

Within an open case, there will be a button to request a meeting. Click the button to schedule a meeting.

If your case has already been assigned to an engineer, you will receive an email with their availability. You'll need to choose a time that works for you.

Otherwise, if your case hasn't been assigned, you'll not be able to schedule a meeting. You'll need to wait until the ticket has been assigned.

I Haven't Received an Email

Check your spam email folders to make sure it hasn’t been filtered. Additionally check with your network team if you need to allow these through to your email. Emails are sent from and

Do I need to schedule a meeting if I create a case?

No. The meeting scheduler is optional and only if you need a meeting. Email support is still available and it is your preference to choose the method that works for you.

I received an error when I tried to schedule a meeting

If you received an error when you attempt to request a meeting, it could mean one of the following things:

  • The product you have does not allow for meetings to be scheduled.
  • The case is with an engineer that has an issue with their scheduler. Please email or comment in the case if this occurs to let us know you require a meeting to be scheduled.

Schedule a Meeting with Our Support Team

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